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“The Burnout Recovery System” goes beyond traditional stress management and personal development guides. This meticulously crafted journey delves into your unique internal operating system, exploring how you handle stress personally. The book guides you through a personalized, step-by-step system utilizing the Enneagram to offer life-changing strategies for sustainable growth and development. By addressing your head, heart, body, and energy, the system aims to bring you back to a state of equilibrium, facilitating recovery from burnout and providing tools to prevent it altogether.

About the Author

Hillarie Kay is an Enneagram Informed Coach, Consultant, and the Author of  “The Burnout Recovery System.” With a dedicated passion for supporting high-achieving business owners, corporate executives, and teams, her mission is to mitigate burnout while enhancing communication and performance. Hillarie brings a wealth of experience as a third-generation business owner, former marketing executive and digital marketing agency owner. Transitioning from the marketing industry in 2020, she has since made significance contributions in the coaching and consulting space serving clients ranging from tech start-ups to Fortune 100 industry giants.

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